48 HOURS: Holiday Village, Turkey.

Saturday, 4pm. I’m still sitting at home in my pyjamas watching TV. Flight is at 9pm but I’m totally packed (‘annoyingly organised’ as my wife puts it) so we’re watching the movie ‘Split’.

Saturday 5pm, Showering.

Saturday, 5.30pm. Goodbye hugs with my wife. (My son is at his grandparents)

Saturday, 5.40pm. Case and bag are loaded in the car!

Saturday, 5.41pm. In the car and ready to go!

Saturday, 6.20pm. Arrive at Manchester Airport.

Saturday, 6.40pm. Airport is almost entirely empty (as it always is on Saturday nights) and I’m through all security and in the departure lounge within 20 minutes.



Saturday, 6.41pm. I’m checking out the departures board. There are only 5 flights this evening and one of them is cancelled.

Saturday 6.41pm – 8.41pm. Coffee, sit down and a toilet trip.


Saturday 8.42pm. Boarding the plane.


Saturday, 8.43pm. In my seat and ready to go!

Sunday, 3.12am (local time: 2 hours ahead of UK) Arrived in Turkey and off plane.

Sunday, 3.17am. LONG walk between the plane and the passport check.

Sunday, 3.37am. Case collected, passport checked an on the transfer bus to the resort.

Sunday, 4.15am. Just reached the resort, room was super easy to find and it’s awesome!

Sunday, 4,17am. First job is hang my stage clothes!

Sunday, 4.19am. Turn on TV and realise that the full pay per view UFC event with the McGregor vs Khabib fight is being shown. Immediately I realise I’m about to have a late night!

Sunday, 8.20am. The fight just finished and I’m dead. Alarm set for 2pm.
(I know that 6 hours sleep is my usual maximum)

Sunday, 2.15pm. I actually woke up at 1.50pm so I’m dressed and ready. Shorts on and read to take my ghostly white legs off into the sun.

Sunday, 2.16pm. I’m out in the resort and looking around. I’ve been here quite a few times in the past but this is the first in a few years. Nice to see it’s as amazing as I remember and that it shows no signs of being tired. TUI really make an effort and I cannot praise them enough. Everything from the service to the upkeep at these resorts is really first class.

Sunday, 4pm. Taking my first look at the venue.

Sunday, 4.10pm. The resort has a ‘local market’ inside of it. It’s a good chance to check out some Turkish wares. There’s even a tattoo parlour!

Sunday, 5pm. I’m back in the room. I notice this.

Sunday, 5pm (and 3 seconds). I pressed it. Nothing happened.

Sunday, 6pm. I’m back in the venue for my scheduled soundcheck.


Sunday, 6.30pm. Post sound check I grab a burger and some chicken meatballs (which are super super delicious) form the poolside snack bar. 

Sunday, 6.45pm. I’m walking back through the resort on the way to my room.



Sunday, 7pm. Almost at my room and I see this subtle pool inflatable outside a guests room. Amazing.

Sunday, 7.05pm. Sitting on my balcony watching some Netflix.

Sunday, 8.40pm. Walking back to the venue for my show. I’m showered and feeling good. The pools look amazing at night.


Sunday, 10pm. Finishing off my show with the usual ‘audience selfie’. The crowd were super fun, the team were amazing. Shout out to my old friend Ty from his Park Resorts days. It’s always awesome to see people you already know when you least expect them.

Sunday, 11pm. My show is all packed away, I’m back in regular clothes and now watching the entertainment manager James doing his own brilliant show in the late night venue.

Monday, 11.45am. I was in bed by midnight and slept like a baby!
(No I didn’t wet the bed or cry. Ok, well I didn’t cry)
I’m now waiting for the transfer back to the airport.

Monday, 12.15pm. We’re on our way.

Monday, 12.45pm. Airport, queues, terminal and surprising American food. Popeyes wasn’t here last time I was. I didn’t have anything because I want to eat chocolate on the plane. 🙂

Monday, 2.45pm. That orange case in the middle is mine. The best thing about having bright orange luggage is that you always notice it being loaded. I’m relaxed now.

Monday, 3pm. I’m on the plane and the two seats next to me are empty. I feel like I’ve won the lottery.

Monday, 3.15pm. We’re in the air over Turkey. All is well.

Monday, 3.20pm. I’m using the extra space to spread out a little. Watching a magic lecture by American magician John Lovick on my iPad.

Monday, 4.20pm. First cabin service and I’ve gone for a meal deal. Two sliders, Pringles and a can of Irn Bru. I also got Minstrels.

Monday, 4.21pm. I’ve spilled an entire plastic cup full of Irn Bru all over myself. My pants and t-shirt are soaking. I’m glad to not be sitting next to anyone. I act like nothing happened, stay cool and allow the remaining 3 hours flight time to work it’s drying magic.
Gutted. 🙂

Monday, 4.45pm (back on local UK time now -2 hours) and we’re almost home.

Monday, 4.50pm and first glimpse of Manchester from the window.

Monday, 5.35pm. My case is coming round the baggage claim.

Monday, 5.40pm and I’m in the car again.
(I parked in T2 longstay so it’s a 2 minute walk to the car)
Exactly 48 hours after leaving my house I’m about to drive the 35 minutes to home.

Monday, 6.15pm. I’m HOME! Everything is well and another 48 hour adventure is over.
Hope you enjoyed it 🙂



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